Fully integrated medium format aerial camera systems built to meet the exacting needs of aerial photography and streamline capture and processing.

Case Studies

GPS Aerial captures the tough Arctic terrain with a Phase One iXA 180 aerial camera

When you perform aerial data acquisition in Alaska, you need to have gear that can stand up to the challenge. Kenny Creed, owner of GPS Aerial knows this. He is equipped with a Comp Air 7, powered by a 724 HP turbine engine, that can operate out of dirt airstrips as short as 400 meters in length. Last year, when he decided to buy a medium format digital camera, he chose a Phase One iXA 180 aerial camera.

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Imaging Software

Phase One SDK
A set of tools which enables you to build custom applications for image capturing and processing with Phase One aerial camera files.
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iX Capture
A professional capture and RAW conversion application that was created exclusively for shooting with Phase One aerial camera systems.
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imaging software