Phase One 100MP Aerial System

Phase One 100MP Aerial System

Phase One 100MP presents a new aerial survey system based on the popular iXU-RS1000 camera series. The system is ready-to-work with a fully integrated stabilizer mount and GPS/IMU equipment.

Phase One 100MP Aerial System

100MP Aerial System Components

100MP Aerial System

iXU-RS1000 Aerial Camera

The iXU-RS1000 Equipped with CMOS sensor technology and an innovative electromagnetic central leaf shutter, the iXU-RS 1000 provides enhanced capture rate and speed, with zero latency, ensuring precise image quality.

The Phase One iXU-RS aerial cameras include features such as:

  • Accurate metric calibration
  • Central leaf shutters
  • Scalability to form multi-camera arrays
  • Easy integration with popular flight-management systems
  • GPS/IMU receivers

4-Band Configuration – 100MP System

Phase One has developed a solution for capturing and processing 4-Band multispectral imagery, using two high-resolution 100MP Phase One aerial cameras. It is specifically designed for the photogrammetric airborne market.

The 4-Band solution includes:

  • Two synchronized Phase One metric-calibrated cameras (RGB and NIR), mounted side by side
  • An iX Controller computer
  • The iX Capture software
iX Capture outputs the following products in both TIFF and JPG formats:

  • 4-Band RGB+NIR (RGBN)
  • 3-Band CIR (color infrared)
  • NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index)
  • Distortion-free / corrected RGB
  • Distortion-free / corrected NIR

Phase One 100MP Aerial System Brochure

Warranty Package

Warranty Packages

As Phase One equipment is built to last, and in order to ensure you experience new levels of productivity and enjoy increased workflow efficiency, Phase One offers extended support and warranty programs to guarantee that your investment is safe.

The Premium Warranty Package

Phase One's standard one-year period can be extended to the annual Premium Warranty Package that includes expanded services as follows:
  • Uptime unit during the repair period with delivery time of 1 week excluding shipping.
  • Unlimited shutter activations (for as long as the system is under the Premium Warranty Package)
  • Free of charge 500,000 shutter releases maintenance / service.