Phase One 190MP Aerial System

Phase One 190MP Aerial System

The powerful and fully integrated Phase One 190MP Aerial Camera System delivers large-format metric camera performance. Thanks to a dual-lens metric camera, its large frame size enables customers to execute mapping projects faster and more efficiently.

Phase One 190MP Aerial System

iXU-RS1900 Aerial System

iXU-RS1900 Aerial Camera

The iXU-RS1900 technology is designed specifically for the toughest demands of aerial imaging projects, offering exceptional aerial-image coverage, accuracy, and image quality. It presents an excellent cost-effective alternative to traditional large-format cameras in diverse aerial survey applications, such as:
  • Mapping
  • 3D City modeling
  • Remote sensing
  • Precision agriculture
  • Disaster management
  • Monitoring

4-Band Configuration – 190 MP System

To expand the system’s performance, Phase One offers an additional configuration for simultaneous capturing RGB and NIR images. The iXU-RS1900 4-Band system provides (R,G,B,NIR) or CIR imagery, using a:

  • Dual 90 mm lenses for capturing RGB information
  • 50 mm lens for capturing NIR information
The integrated iX Capture software automatically generates distortion-free 4-Band images by performing an accurate matching of a NIR image to an RGB image. This creates precise and reliable output data.

  • 4-Band RGB+NIR (RGBN)
  • 3-Band CIR (color infrared)
  • NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index)
  • Distortion-free/corrected RGB
  • Distortion-free/corrected NIR

Phase One Aerial Solutions Brochure

Warranty Package

Warranty Packages

As Phase One equipment is built to last, and in order to ensure you experience new levels of productivity and enjoy increased workflow efficiency, Phase One offers extended support and warranty programs to guarantee that your investment is safe.

The Premium Warranty Package

Phase One's standard one-year period can be extended to the annual Premium Warranty Package that includes expanded services as follows:
  • Uptime unit during the repair period with delivery time of 1 week excluding shipping.
  • Unlimited shutter activations (for as long as the system is under the Premium Warranty Package)
  • Free of charge 500,000 shutter releases maintenance / service.