Phase One Aerial Systems


All You Need for Aerial Imaging
in a Single Integrated System

Phase One Industrial continuously expands its offering by developing new solutions and products that meet the needs of the industrial and aerial imaging market, and help customers around the world to increase productivity by reducing time and costs.

Aerial Systems Components


iX Controller MK4

The iX Controller is a rugged, fanless PC that acts as a central hub of the Phase One 190MP, 150MP and 100MP Aerial Systems. It controls the:

  • Camera
  • Gyro-stabilizing mount
  • GNSS/IMU system
It also runs the:
  • iX Capture – camera-management application
  • iX Flight – flight-management system
In addition, it enables accurate activation of multiple cameras by a flight-management system installed on the controller, using the new I/O port.
Download iX Controller MK4 Data Sheet

Gyro-Stabilized Mounts

SOMAG DSM400 – was specifically designed for the Phase One 190MP Aerial System. With a low weight of 14 kg and a high payload of 35 kg, the mount:

  • Supports reducing the angular rate
  • Provides optimal stabilization of the system
  • Enables efficient and precise image capturing
SOMAG CSM40 – a small modular stabilization device that was specifically designed for the Phase One 150MP/ 100MP Aerial Systems. With a low weight of 5.2 kg and a high payload of 15 kg, this special mount system is particularly suitable for ultralight aircraft.


The Phase One 150MP/ 100MP Aerial Systems are equipped with Applanix POS AV 210, and 190MP Aerial System may be equipped with either Applanix POS AV 210 or Applanix POS AV 510 system that enables direct geo-referencing of aerial images. By integrating precision GNSS with inertial technology, POS AV enables:

  • Precisely determining position and altitude
  • Completing geo-spatial projects in a more efficient and cost-effective manner
The Phase One 190MP, 150MP and 100MP Aerial Systems are also compatible with alternative GNSS/IMU systems.

Software Package

iX Capture

The iX Capture is an aerial capture, control, and image-processing software with an intuitive interface. It displays key information, such as:

  • Exposure settings
  • Histogram
  • GNSS/IMU data
  • Frame count
It provides the operator with real-time feedback and the confidence that each image has been captured correctly. The post-processing capabilities and advanced workflow enable the fast production of distortion-free RGB and CIR images. It also exclusively supports processing 190MP images.
Download iX Capture 3 Data Sheet

iX Plan – Flight Planning System

With its intuitive GUI and multiple control functions, the iX Plan application enables users to simply generate flight plans. It enables fast import of the:

  • Digital terrain model (DTM)
  • Base map
  • Project shape
  • Ground control points (GCPs)
Based on your Phase One sensor’s parameters, project parameters, and mapped terrain height, iX Plan automatically calculates flight lines and trigger points. The application generates reports and exports data to Excel for calculating project’s costs. iX Plan displays the planning results used during a flight, as maps and tables.

iX Flight – Flight Management System

The iX Flight application uses the flight plan data generated by the iX Plan application to provide an interactive and intuitive tool for precise execution of a mission. With two display screens – one for the pilot and one for the operator – each has the exact information they need for a successful aerial-image acquisition. So, the pilot can maintain the precise trajectory – with the altitude and localizer instructions. At the same time, the operator can easily manage the flight, in-pass tagging, and “start”/“stop” triggering in case of clouds in mid pass. iX Flight is installed on the Phase One iX controller, integrated with SOMAG stabilizers and multiple types of GNSS/IMU systems.

Warranty Package

Warranty Packages

As Phase One equipment is built to last, and in order to ensure you experience new levels of productivity and enjoy increased workflow efficiency, Phase One offers extended support and warranty programs to guarantee that your investment is safe.

The Premium Warranty Package

Phase One's standard one-year period can be extended to the annual Premium Warranty Package that includes expanded services as follows:
  • Uptime unit during the repair period with delivery time of 1 week excluding shipping.
  • Unlimited shutter activations (for as long as the system is under the Premium Warranty Package)
  • Free of charge 500,000 shutter releases maintenance / service.