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iX Capture 3.1

iX Capture is a professional Capture and RAW conversion application that was created exclusively for shooting with Phase One aerial camera systems.

Used together with Phase One aerial cameras, this professional capture and RAW converter software enables full control over one or multiple cameras, enabling an operator to easily monitor and control every aspect of aerial digital data acquisition. Designed for use with a touchscreen or mouse, iX Capture makes inflight camera changes as easy as tapping a button. It contains all of the essential tools for high-end performance in one package to enable you to capture, monitor and process images in a fast, flexible and efficient workflow. iX Capture also generates 3 and 4 Band CIR and NDVI TIFF files from files captured by two synchronized and co-installed Phase One RGB and NIR cameras.


iX Capture enables direct control of aperture, shutter speed, ISO and other essential settings. Whether you are using a touchscreen or mouse, changing camera settings inflight is as simple as a click.


With iX Capture, you can control up to six cameras simultaneously, enabling full control and monitoring of captures. You can even choose inflight processing to save time.


Follow each capture and gauge its exposure, histogram and GPS data. Follow the progress on the exposure timeline and know with confidence that your images are captured correctly.


iX Capture 3.1 new post processing capabilities and advanced workflow enable the fast production of distortion free RGB and CIR images, and exclusively support the processing of 190MP images.


iX Capture 3.1 contains all tools in a single package to enable users to capture, organize, edit and process images into industry standard formats. Its advanced features include:
  • Up to 6 camera support for synchronize capture
  • Enhanced input data options –for flexible processing of raw or Tiff files into distortion free images
  • Multiple choice of output imagery – TIFF and JPEG files
  • Immediate feedback regarding the processing status of a single image as well as the entire data
  • Generation of 3 and 4 Band CIR and NDVI files from images captured by two synchronized and co-installed Phase One RGB and NIR cameras.
  • Fully automated processing of 190MP RGB images
  • Complete support for 190MP CIR image generation


The Phase One SDK provides a set of tools, which enables you to build custom applications for image capturing and processing with Phase One iXU-RS, iXU or iXA cameras.

Applications your way

With the Phase One SDK, you have a high degree of control of what parameters to apply while capturing or processing images from a Phase One cameras. For instance, you can specify the capture frequency, if you need your images to be shot at exact time intervals, just as you can process a given set of files with specific parameters set (e.g. exposure + 1, white balance at 5500 Kelvin).

What is included

The Phase One SDK includes interface components for your custom applications to work with the Phase One cameras in a production set up. It also includes components for you to automate image processing with your settings through the Capture One Processing Engine, without a need for loading or navigating the standard user interface of Capture One. In addition to this, the Phase One SDK includes reference documentation and sample applications for guidance and inspiration. Included with the Phase One SDK is also free access to SDK updates and free access to online support (up to five support cases per year are included).

Capture One Processing Engine

The Capture One Processing Engine (COPE) is a command line tool used to execute post-processing on Phase One image files. It is used as an alternative to the Capture One Pro image processor for users looking for a more flexible, industrial type processing tool. COPE is used to set up specific parameters which are then automatically implemented in the image processing. The same parameters can be executed on multiple images. Many of the functions featured in Capture One are also available via COPE. For example COPE can be used to set up output file formats, Kelvin, clarity, shadow recovery, saturation and much more.

How to get started with the SDK

The Phase One SDK is available as an annual subscription for 2,795 USD / 1,995 EUR (excl. sales taxes and VAT). Please contact us for ordering the SDK by filling in the SDK form. To get started with the SDK you must read and accept the software license agreement for the Phase One SDK.

More information

You can get an introduction to what the Phase One SDK can do through the this document: Phase One CaptureCore SDK 10.1.2. Additionally please see the SDK FAQ section for answers to frequently asked questions.


The Phase One SDK is compatible with the following software and hardware:

Operating systems / software

  • Windows 8.1®, Windows 10® in 64-bit versions
  • Mac OS X 10.10 or later (for use with Phase One digital backs)
  • Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) is supported in SDK 9.3.0
The Phase One SDK is compatible with Capture One 10.1. This means that specifying a given setting for an image via the SDK and the Capture One software will render the same result.

Supported Devices

Phase One iXG 100MP, iXG 50MP, iXU-RS1000, iXU-RS1000 NIR, iXU-RS180, iXU-RS160, iXU-RS160 Achromatic, iXU-R 1000, iXU-R 1000 NIR, iXU-R 180, iXU-R 160, iXU-R 160 Achromatic, iXU 1000, iXU1000 NIR, iXU 180, iXU 160, iXU 160 Achromatic, iXU 150, iXA-R 180, iXA-R 160, iXA-R 160, Achromatic, iXA 180, iXA 160, iXA 160 Achromatic, IQ3 100MP, IQ3 80MP, IQ3 60MP, IQ3 50MP, IQ280, IQ260, IQ250, IQ1 100MP, IQ180, IQ160, IQ160 Achromatic, IQ150, IQ140



Capture One provides you with a large variety of output files to choose from. You have the option of outputting your raw files to jpeg, tiff, psd and more.


EXIF data such as aperture, shutter speed, shutter mode, sensor module or back's serial number etc. is recorded and available in the Metadata tool.


The lens data is transferred along with the RAW file and Capture One applies necessary corrections for distortion, falloff and chromatic aberration.

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