About us

About us

Phase One Industrial is a division of Phase One A/S dedicated to research, development, and manufacture of specialized industrial and airborne cameras, aerial imaging systems, aero-photography flight planning and management solutions, and image capture and processing software.
The company focuses on specific applications such as aerial mapping and surveying, ground and aerial inspection, agriculture, machine vision and homeland security


Global Presence

Phase One is based in Copenhagen with offices in New York, London, Cologne, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Phase One companies include Leaf-Imaging and Mamiya Camera company.

Meeting the Needs of Aerial Photography

Phase One Industrial is a market leader in research, development and manufacturing of integrated medium format cameras designed from the ground up exclusively for aerial photography. Developed with leading experts in the field, Phase One Industrial’s aerial cameras offer exceptional accuracy, image quality and coverage that rival large format cameras at a fraction of the price.

Lens Range Quality

Phase One Industrial offers an impressive array of Rodenstock and Schneider-Kreuznach fast sync lenses, enabling speeds of up to 1/1600 sec. Available in a range of focal lengths from 32 mm to 240 mm, the lenses are manufactured with precision for ultimate image quality, performance and durability. Four new RSM Lenses were specially designed to complement the iXM-100 MP and iXM-50 MP cameras.

A Wide Range of Applications

Phase One cameras offer reliability and versatility for users looking for a full-featured medium format aerial camera. Easily integrated into any setup, the camera offers maximum connectivity with systems for varied applications, such as mapping, oil and gas pipelines monitoring, infrastructure inspection, forestry management, vegetation identification, agriculture crop monitoring, 3D modeling and many more...

Exceptional Performance

In addition to its line of cameras, Phase One Industrial offers a wide selection of lenses, a powerful controller, a user-friendly software, leading flight management systems and GPS receivers as a comprehensive solution to meet the needs of aerial photography. Phase One Industrial promises a true experience of unmatched performance with outstanding reliability and pinpoint accuracy by delivering cost effective solutions with systems built to last. Watch our cameras undergo rigorous quality testing, here.